CEVS understands how important it is to prevent and identify issues before they become a bigger problem. We also understand that there is no “one size fits all” plan which is why we offer individualized care. In an effort to provide quality, more affordable care, CEVS offers a Preventive Care Program with plans that can also be tailored to your individual horse’s needs.

CEVS participates in the eQCO Colic Coverage Program by Platinum Performance. If you feed an approved Platinum Performance supplement and do basic preventive veterinary care, they will pay for a portion of colic surgery should your horse need it! Our Preventive Care Program plans are modeled off of the requirements to make things even easier! Credits can also be earned when buying products that can be applied to future purchases. For more information and enrollment forms, check out Platinum Performance eQCO Pay.

Other preventive and wellness services offered can include farrier radiographs/consultation, nutritional consultation, and bloodwork (both comprehensive and metabolic).

CEVS is fortunate to have working relationships with multiple specialists in the area including ophthalmology, dermatology, and oncology to be able to offer the highest level of care possible.

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